Work with Herbal Living UK

Herbal Living UK is making it their goal to help Build a Healthier Britain. We intend to do this through a variety of ways, including teaming up with some extremely qualified experts in their field.

If you have skills that can be used to help us add increased value through our services. We want to hear from you!

If you can answer yes to the following 3 Questions. We are prepared to offer you an excellent opportunity to add another income stream to you business portfolio!

Herbal Living UK Application Criteria

  1. Are you Passionate about health?
  2. Do you have qualifications in the Health and Wellness Industry?
  3. Do you have your own website/Are you interested in having your own website?
  4. Do you have, or could you produce, Digital Downloadable Content, in a range of formats?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, Herbal Living UK has an excellent opportunity for you to make some extra sales for your services.

What’s in it for you?

Herbal Living UK is opening up 3 opportunities for Health, Fitness and Wellness Experts to advertise their digital Products through our website. This will allow you to benefit from;

  1. Increased Exposure
  2. Free Marketing Services
  3. High Quality Back-links
  4. Opportunity to Receive Heavily reduced content writing services
  5. An opportunity to advertise your own Business Services on our website
  6. Regular Mention on our Social Media Profiles
  7. Keep 100% of the sale of your Digital Products

What’s in it for us?

In a word, Expertise. Herbal Living UK is looking to become once of the largest sources of health, fitness and wellness information in the United Kingdom. Providing access to a wide range of Health, Fitness and Wellness content through our website and eventually through a mobile application.

By allowing Qualified Health and Fitness professionals to advertise their services through our platform. We hope to add another layer of expertise to the service provided through Herbal Living UK

Zero Commission For Herbal Living UK

As one of the first 3 experts at Herbal Living UK, You will Keep 100% of the profits from each sale, minus the fees charged by our payment platform provider. And be charged No fee to market your business on our website.

Providing a completely Risk Free opportunity to increase your exposure at this difficult time. In return for providing the excellent service we will ask for 2 things we hope you will see as reasonable.

What’s the catch?

If you’ve arrived on this page directly, you won’t know that Herbal Living Memberships provide up to 40% off Retail Price at this time. Soon, we intend to increase our discounts by another 5-10% for our Small Family Membership option.

Herbal Living UK would like to offer your Digital Products to our members at a significant saving as well.

Your product will have a complete write up on the product, yourself, and your business. And it will be made clear to our customers that 100% of the profits of the sale go to yourself directly.

You will also receive your own space on our website to place your business profile directing people to your website. Which Brings us onto our second request for service.

Herbal Living UK – Affiliate Marketing for your Services

All we would ask in return for this amazing opportunity to make passive income for your expertise. Is to be listed as an affiliate on your website.

As Herbal Living UK gains more interest over time, your business will gain increased exposure to people looking for health information already.

At first, we would only request a commission of sales from people who have been driven to your website from Herbal Living UK. We won’t charge you a penny for being involved until you’re receiving serious financial benefits from the service.

Business memberships coming soon

Herbal Living UK is keen to connect Health Professionals to the British Public. Both through our discounted Membership packages as well as through general exposure by what we hope will become a key player in the Health and Fitness industry.

The first few experts that take advantage of this offer, will receive a huge range of benefits for nothing more than a commission of sales for your regular Business services. Making the initial opportunities virtually risk free, but it won’t be that way forever!

What the future holds: Pay to Advertise on Herbal Living UK

Over time, as our membership base grows, we will provide the opportunity for a wide range of Health, Wellness and Business Professionals to advertise their services to our members.

This will allow you to connect with potential clients by sharing your knowledge with them through discounted digital products. Then providing vouchers and coupons through your digital products to entice people to take your personalised services.

In the future to provide this service to Health and Fitness Professionals we will charge a small Membership fee. As well as a a small commission of sales in return for all the Benefits listed above!

(More more information on how we intend to grow Herbal Living UK over the next few months, check out our Company Timeline page.)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring further. Please send a copy of your CV and a link to your website to the Email Address below. And we will reply with more information on what’s involved!

If you cannot see an email address listed below, this is because our applications are now closed, so act fast to avoid missing out on this excellent opportunity!