Nature knows best, working with your body will always provide excellent results

The Human body is a wonderful thing, for many generations now the body has healed itself from a variety of illnesses. Each scar we have is a testimony to the bodies ability to repair.

It is a complex machine, however, this body of ours. It requires a tremendous amount of proteins, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals just to be able to do the daily functions it requires!

For the most part, should you eat a balanced diet, you will be able to consume the vast majority of these necessary building blocks of life from your daily food intake.

There was a long period of time where we were all told on a regular basis to eat 5 fruits and vegetables every single day. This health campaign has since died out but the knowledge remains within us all that we should eat more fruit and vegetables than we do.

Supporting the body with natural supplements

Of course, there are a wide range of supplements available on the market today, however a vast majority of these supplements are tailored at sports athletes.

There is a huge range of products available to help you;

Cut fat, build muscle, run faster, lift heavier.

But when it comes to products that help you live healthier? Those particular products can be a little on the pricey side!

It is possible to work WITH the body, to build on the bodies natural abilities by providing an excellent supply of vitamins and minerals through convenient Plant Based Food Supplements.

Should you choose this method of supporting your body to remain healthy, Herbal Living is here for you!

We have sourced a range of plant based supplements that are available to help you work WITH your body to support it against any outside invaders.

By creating the perfect internal environment for your body, you maximise your ability to fight off any would be infections. Of course overall exercise and healthy lifestyle will help you remain in top condition, but sometimes we all need a little help!

Eating the right food – eat the rainbow!

So how can you start increasing your bodies natural ability to heal and protect itself today? Well the great news is, you can start right now without having to even leave your home.

The best trick, is the eat as many bright colours as possible. A red apple and a yellow banana with breakfast. Some Green Lettuce and Orange carrots with your lunch, of course the cherry tomatoes are optional! A great big Bright orange as a snack in the afternoon. All your favourite tea time vegetables and then maybe a banana before bed!

Yes, this is a lot of food! You’ll probably save money just by eliminating the cost of snacks! If you replace a chocolate bar with a banana, for example, you’re a long way there!

But the beauty of the products we have available through Herbal Living UK is that they are entirely plant based. This means they are packed to the top with high quality herbs, spices and other natural products to give your body the extra support it needs to remain healthy! Along side a balanced diet of course.

Plant Based Products are becoming more mainstream

Over the past few years, more and more people are making the move to a plant based diet.. Naturally some people still enjoy meat. And this is okay, providing you source your food responsibly. Here at Herbal Living UK we’re not in the business of judging people, we’re in the business of providing options to help build a healthier Britain.

Over time, the demand of these products is predicted to grow, a lot. Even in 2020 there has been a serious shift to making plant based purchases, and for good reason!

Plant based products, especially things like Protein Powders, natural supplements and clothing, are naturally better for the environment. But did you know that they are superior for your body in every way as well?

For more information on why you should make the switch to plant based protein powders, whether you’re vegan or not, check out our article on the subject, here.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Many people have been quoted as saying this, there’s no fixed origin of the words and I guess that’s because they ring true throughout all of human history. Many people in today’s busy lifestyle don’t really take the time to eat overly healthily. This is okay, for a period of time, but after a lifetime of missing out on a large number of brightly coloured vegetables, you can get really unwell eventually!

There was even a story about a young boy who only ate sausage eggs chips and beans his entire life and he turned blind, because he was lacking in certain vitamins and minerals!

It’s not always easy, if you’re in a rush to get to work, or maybe your shopping delivery missed out on some of your products. All of a sudden your balanced diet isn’t looking so balanced!

Herbal Living UK is making Top Quality Plant based Supplements, extremely affordable

Use natural plant based supplements to support your bodies natural abilities

This is where natural supplements come in! Providing you are eating a healthy balanced diet, and you use supplements to, well, supplement this lifestyle, you will see increases in your health. It’s completely natural to miss out on some vitamins and minerals, even if you do eat a completely balanced diet. For example, many vegetarians struggle with B12, they will often use Marmite or B12 supplements to avoid getting quite poorly from a B12 deficiency!

But it can apply for anyone, lets say you struggle with iron but don’t like steak, taking an iron supplement can increase your Iron content!

Or maybe keeping oranges everywhere you go is pretty inconvenient, you can keep some vitamin C supplements in the car!

We have a large range of B12 containing supplements in stock!

Supplements should not be seen as a method to cheat a healthy lifestyle, there are some things that you cannot get from pills and powders. We do supply a range of anti oxidants but they are nothing compared to getting outside and being in the sunshine for half an hour or so!

Welcome to herbal living!

Welcome to herbal living, your online supplements store, where everything can be delivered direct to your door!