How will community purchasing benefit your small business?

There’s a good chance, if you’re in the retail sector. You might be looking at our website wondering how connecting buyers to manufacturers is going to affect your business.

Herbal Living UK is committed to supporting the community. That includes supporting British Small Businesses to keep the backbone of the British economy strong!

Small businesses are the backbone of British Economy

Here at Herbal Living UK, we love nothing more than seeing a small business thrive. And community purchasing does so much more than giving power to just the community!

If you’re a business owner, you’re already familiar with the concept of Co-operatives, you very possibly are already a member of one! Business owners have been working together to make essential purchases more affordable for a long time!

Reduce the cost price of products for your store!

Retail has struggled over the past year. Mainly because it’s been really hard to do business when you’re told you have to close by the government!

Herbal Living UK is looking to introduce a new type of purchasing, that will allow everyone to access unbeatable rates on health and ethical products.

Helping them save cash on their day to day purchases and making ethical consumption much more affordable.

Your business can benefit from this service too!

When we were building the Herbal Living UK brand and ironing out the finer details of Community Purchasing. It was really important that we remembered a lot of small business owners operate in the retail sector.

We have zero interest in stealing your customers away. The British High Street has long been a defining feature of our economy and a vast majority of people will be looking forward to being able to visit you in your brick and mortar store very soon!

But if you’re business is in the health and fitness niche. Your profits are about to increase a long way!

As we grow, the prices you pay will reduce

We thoroughly encourage small business owners who are interested in adding another service to their business to take part in our community purchasing. Including but not limited to;

  • Personal Trainers – Provide your clients with discounted access to high quality products
  • Nutritionists – All our products are backed by nutritionists, you can arrange to provide extremely competitive rates on supplementation for your clients through community purchasing
  • Retail outlets – The high street will never fully die. But with community purchasing. You will be punching up with the e-commerce giants on the prices you pay for your stock.

We love small businesses

Herbal Living UK was built with the community in mind. That includes your small business!

Right now we are in our introductory stages but we have huge plans to support small businesses in the Health and Fitness sector bounce back from recent events to get your business thriving again!