Herbal Living UK is looking to introduce wide scale community buying to the UK

Herbal Living UK is looking to introduce a new way of purchasing health products within the United Kingdom, by joining a Herbal Living UK membership plan you join a buying group dedicated to providing up to 40% discounts off product purchases.

But what is Community Buying?

By the current definition of the phrase, Community buying is when members of the community come together to place a single order with one wholesaler. In a normal Community Buying situation it is usually required that a number of households come together to place a single order.

The order is usually delivered to one household, and then the delivery is divided amongst the families that placed the order together.

There’s a good chance that you’re not familiar with community buying programs, as they are often used by rural communities and small business owners as a way of reducing the costs of their products or grocery shopping. Or even as a way to bulk purchase gas and oil for those communities who do not have such luxuries as piped gas.

Regardless of who is currently using a community buying program, they all have one thing in common;

All of them find it beneficial to buy in bulk as it may bring costs down, cut miles travelled since manufacture and reduce wasteful packaging and processing as well as the excitement of getting involved in their local community.

We hope that buy offering an alternative to high street retail stores, we can extend other benefits to our members as well.

These include increased control of where your purchases come from comes from and being able to be 100% sure that your products have indeed been manufactured here in the UK, significantly reducing the distance your recent purchase has had to travel. As well as providing excellent discounts on all our products.

Herbal Living UK – As we grow, the more you save!

Herbal Living UK intends to operate similarly to a buying group, but without the hassle.

Where normally to take part in such co-operative buying groups a larger number of households have to sign up for a single account, only one household is required to sign up for a Herbal Living UK membership to receive excellent discounts on High Quality Products.

Click the Image to learn more about our first supplier, Specialist Supplements

Over time, as our Membership base grows, you will see your savings grow with us! This is very simply because over time, we hope to be placing larger and larger orders with our suppliers. As our orders grow, the cost of each individual item will decrease.

Where most retailers will keep these savings for themselves, Herbal Living UK can commit to passing these savings onto their members, as quickly as possible!

For more information on how we intend to reduce our prices by another 5% of RRP in the coming months, check out our company projected timeline, here.

Buy in Bulk, Pay Less Per Item

I think everyone understands how wholesale works, as a quick rundown however;

A wholesale company will sell products in large quantities often at a reduced unit rate. 

What happens after this is retail begins to purchase products from the wholesalers and they are required to place quite healthy profit margins on their products due to the lower manufacturing costs that we experience in 2020.

The Way We Make Purchases is Already Changing

With many stores forced to close, British Consumers turned to online purchasing

Since the novel pandemic of 2020. The way we spend our money changed significantly. Due to widespread lockdowns many people turned online to make retail purchases. And unfortunately many brick and mortar stores were caused to close their doors permanently. This is truly a time when people must work together to build a brighter future for our country, things are going to have to change.

The way we do business is also changing

A large number of business meetings have now been able to be held over Skype, Zoom and other video conferencing applications. More and more people have realised that a wide range of jobs can be done from home, and if there’s one thing that would benefit a huge number of people right now, it’s work from home jobs.

Herbal Living UK is looking to take complete advantage of the current situation to provide an alternative solution to purchasing natural, plant based and organic supplements, at a fraction of the cost. 

During the year 2020, more businesses than ever allowed employees to work from home

A Drop Shipping model, where profits become savings

Everyones heard of drop shipping, there’s a good chance you’ve explored running a dropshipping business yourself. But as a quick introduction, a drop shipping company operates as a face to manufacturers, originally far East Asian Manufacturers but recently many other manufactures have become involved with the concept of having affiliate websites sell their products for a profit. 

In a normal drop shipping business, the profits of the sale on top of a predetermined trade price, is passed onto the website owner who has marketed the brand, it is often done through a white label service to increase the products perceived value. 

Through Community Purchasing, you will receive wholesale priced products, delivered directly to your home!

But the comparison to dropshipping stops there!

Right now, we have the standard drop shipping model arranged with Specialist Supplements, who are a UK based manufacturer. As part of the trade agreement, the larger a purchase order. The higher discounts are available. These discounts are passed onto you, the customer. 

With our heaviest discount membership packages, we make just enough margin on the products to cover the delivery, as our business grows, there are options to decrease the trade prices even further, over time we will begin to place larger and larger orders for our individual customers, the price that Herbal Living UK pays for trade prices decreases.

The power of group purchasing is now in your hands!

By connecting individual customers through one website, we allow our customers to gain access to a single order book. Instead of placing a single order with a retailer. You will join part of a much larger order being placed within that week or day. Passing on substantial savings on your purchase.

The idea is simple, for a minimal monthly fee, you will receive between 25-40% off your order of supplements as a starting point, but as more and more customers join our memberships, the prices will decrease even further!

As Herbal Living UK grows, the savings of being within such a large buying group will also grow, with zero commitments, ever!

Herbal Living UK, the larger we grow, the less you spend!

Zero Commitment Memberships

By charging a membership fee for each of our members we are able to reduce the price to you even further.

Of course we have running costs but due to the ability to work from home, at this moment in time, these are minimal. We are currently offering Completely Risk Free memberships offering 30% off your order for 3 months completely free. It’s worth checking out.

Nobody likes being tied into a long term contract, but you understand why businesses do this. Herbal Living UK would be proud to offer the British People access to the service on a non committal basis, with options to pay monthly should this be preferred. Committing to a longer term would significantly reduce your yearly costs however.

A new type of opportunity

Herbal Living UK is looking to help the United Kingdom with three priorities in mind;

  1. Community – Provided through savings on products
  2. Jobs – Work from home opportunities coming soon!
  3. Health – We will use Herbal Living to become a significant resource on health knowledge and guidance over the coming years.

For updates on our work from home job opportunities follow us on Facebook Here.

So, Whats in it for us?

All sounding too good to be true? I can understand, as best as I can tell the concept I am looking to introduce is completely against the norm. But as I’ve already said, Community Purchasing is not a new idea, rural communities have been bulk purchasing gas, oil and even groceries for a long time now!

Top Quality Health Supplements at wholesale prices!

Herbal Living UK is committed to changing the way we consume as a nation, for a long time now certain companies have held a lions share of the marketplace because of their convenience and cheap prices. But imagine if everyone who made purchases through these companies, were making bulk purchases as a community?

If you managed to get together 100 people, and placed one order directly with a manufacturer you would receive a significantly cheaper price on your products, this is for a variety of reasons. Primarily, however, it is because when you purchase at Recommended Retail Price, you are paying to help the retailer cover their overheads.

With a community buying scheme, you are joining an order that is submitted directly to the manufacturer. Buy placing an order through Herbal Living UK you will receive the trade price we pay for the products, plus a little extra to cover shipping and our running costs.

(For more information on what we hope to achieve, with your help, check out our projected company timeline here!)

Herbal Living UK believes your cash is better in your pocket!

Introducing Liam Smith

Herbal Living UK is the brainchild of Liam Smith, who spent his working life placing commodity purchases, products such as; Fuel, Gas and Electric into buying groups to reduce the costs to businesses up and down the UK.

He has seen first hand how purchasing a large number of units will greatly affect the price you pay! 

For more information on Liam check out his intro page here.

Work From Home Opportunities

As our business grows we fully intend to grow into the new market space we were born into. Over the next 12 months we hope to create at least 1 full time paid work from home opportunity to see how feasible it will be to grow a completely community focused business without having the overheads of a central office.

Work from hope positions available soon!

For more information on our employment opportunities, you can view those here.

Are you ready to help us build a healthier Britain?

Herbal Living UK is looking to change the way we make purchases as a community forever. By introducing the concept of community purchasing we hope to place purchasing power firmly in the hands of you, the Great British Public.

Of course our dream relies on one thing more than any other, and that, dear reader is you.

We have given as much discount as is feasibly possible to get our dream off the ground, but we want to reduce prices even further. Before we can do this, we need your help. The greatest thing about this help? It’s going to save you money!

Click the Image to learn more about how Herbal Living UK intends to build a healthier Britain

Herbal Living UK Memberships – Completely risk free

To get things started, we want to make the transition from regular retail consumerism, to community consumerism as painless as possible. Meaning we are giving away 3 months FREE to our first 100 members. To take advantage of this excellent opportunity, you must add the membership to your cart before you checkout!

The discounts will be applied if your total shopping cart totals over £100 RRP. This is to help us cover shipping costs and continue with our commitments to reduce prices even further over the next 6 months!

(For more information on Herbal Livings UK commitments to you, the Community Conscious Consumer, check out our projected business timeline, Here)