Tara Chatzakis - Wellness coach

Herbal Living UK is proud to introduce: Tara Chatzakis

Here at Herbal Living UK we have one mission in mind right now, to help spread health and wellness to the wonderful people of the United Kingdom. As a result, we are incredibly proud to be teamed up with a fully qualified Happiness and Wellness Coach, Tara Chatzakis!

A passionate wellness coach

Tara’s main passion is working with entrepreneurs to help them become successful & wealthy through mindset, meditation & motivation. But there’s so much more to her than this! Tara is originally from West Yorkshire, Where she lived there until moving to Greece in 2002. The Yorkshire accent has stuck a bit, but this Lancashire firm certainly won’t hold it against her!

Very much like ourselves, Tara has been on a fascinating journey, which started back in 2009 when she decided it was time to turn her life around!

She began her journey to finding inner health and happiness and found such joy on that journey she has dedicated her life to helping others do the same!

The 3 Ms’: Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation

Tara offers a huge range of services to her clients, to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. She is a kind and gentle hand to hold as you move through your journey to internal wellness.

These are essential practices to a daily life, but how many of us can truly say we implement them on a regular basis? This is where Tara Chatzakis is here too help!

We would highly recommend that you check out Tara’s Website regarding her services, she has some excellent free resources available and is always available to provide some solid life style advice!

A real star in the making!

Tara is really beginning to make waves, and those waves are carrying her to some wonderful places! Next month she is joining the new online writing therapy movement, The Write Therapy which is targeted at helping creatives support themselves emotionally and spiritually whilst helping them with the professional development.

Tara is also the host of the ever popular Podcast: Happy, Inspired, Motivated which can be found on Spotify Here or on the UK Apple Podcasts here we’d certainly recommend checking it out!

For a sneak peak into Happy, Inspired, Motivated, check out the audio clip below! You’ll be hooked from the start!