How to stay healthy, as easy as ABC

How to stay healthy as easy as ABC

I think everyone wants to live a longer healthier life, in 2020 this is more important than ever with the ongoing health epidemic! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of planning and commitment. Whilst many people may be looking for a “get fit quick” scheme, the truth is that just isn’t an option! 

Over the years we’ve all heard many different mnemonics and acronyms that have been developed by nutritionists and scientists to help people when it comes making healthy lifestyle choices. I’m sure we all remember the nationwide campaign “Change for life” billboards all over the country hosted bright and colourful images supporting us to eat healthily. Eating healthier is of course a vital step in increasing your natural immunity!

One of these would be the ABC’s of staying healthy, this is one of our favourite mnemonics, mainly because it’s very easy to remember what’s involved! So here it is, yet another mnemonic intended to help you keep making healthy lifestyle choices! 

Herbal Living UK introduces – the ABC’s of staying health!

A Is For Abstinence

“A” stands for abstinence. And no, we don’t mean the abstinence that you’re thinking of! (although right now the official instruction is to do THAT with masks on, how sexy!) 

When we say “abstinence” in terms of health, we don’t mean that you should avoid getting between the sheets with your other half! No what we mean is that you should build on your ability to say “NO!” to unhealthy lifestyle choices 

Let’s say that you like to drink a little, you know full well that this isn’t good for your weight, your liver or your bank balance. You might be surprised to hear that you don’t HAVE to go out on the weekend, by saying “No!” you empower yourself, and your liver will thank you too! 

Abstinence is in effect a disciplinary concept. It’s not easy, and you will often find yourself wanting to nip out for a cheeky pint. By keeping your health and fitness goals in mind, you might find it a little easier to keep yourself out of the pub each weekend! 

Sometimes it can be a little confusing to understand what choices your making are unhealthy, what seems like a regular day occurrence for everyone can often be overlooked when it comes to damage to health. For example, most people (ourselves included) start the day with a coffee. This seems like a completely normal choice to start the day, however there are much better ways to give yourself a morning wake-up call.

Being Faithful to your healthy lifestyle can be hard
Being Faithful to your healthy lifestyle can be hard!

B Is For Be Faithful

“B” stands for “Being Faithful” . This is your ability to hold onto your focus, and sticking to your health and fitness goals. What this doesn’t mean is that you have to be 100% rigid all the time, we all need a small treat every now and then! But we’ve all had that experience where a small treat ends up with you 5 packets of biscuits deep surrounded by crumbs of shame, no? Oh, that must just be us! 

Exercise is essential for natural immunity

C Is For Calisthenics

Calisthenics is basically just a funny word for exercise, it is often a word that is used to describe bodyweight exercises. Exercise  is and always has been part of any healthy program. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be smashing out 30 – 60 minutes of high intensity, body sculpting brutality (although you can if you wish!)

These programs are designed to give results that many people just aren’t searching for. If you want to be a fine specimen of a human being these workouts are for you, if you just want to be healthy enough to run around the garden with the kids, they’re just not necessary. Calisthenics are simple activities which make you use your body in such a way to promote proper blood flow throughout your body, providing excellent oxygenation to all your cells which in turn promotes natural health and immunity. 

Calisthenics should be done everyday for at least 20 minutes, and they include what is known as aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can be simply described as exercise where the cells all have an adequate supply of oxygen to complete the activity, whereas anaerobic exercises put stress on the cells causing oxidative stress. Not only does daily calisthenics improve the cardiovascular flow of the body, it also adds up to the amount of calories to be burned for the day to maintain the desired body weight and fitness level. 

increase your immunity
Immunity is on everyone’s mind right now

Exercise is a vital ingredient to increasing your natural immunity. During the COVID-19 epidemic of 2019 – 2020, all of the world’s governments were eager to allow their citizens to exercise for varying lengths of time, have you ever thought about why this is? By taking 1 hour a day to exercise in the correct way you increase blood flow and increase your health. Herbal Living wants to help everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle, for our own Calisthenics workout you can do from the comfort of your own home. Join our Mailing list to receive a FREE home workout guide! 

We hope you have found this blog article helpful, we have always found that the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to use easy to remember mnemonics for health, that you can say to yourselves when you begin to waver on your journey. Any time you are considering breaking your new lifestyle choice you can simply repeat to yourself “Be Faithful” as you walk away from picking up that treat you know full well you haven’t earned!