Specialist Supplements – A cutting edge UK based manufacturer 

A manufacturer you can trust! Now available at Herbal Living UK

Specialist supplements have been supplying the public, as well as health clinics, detox spas health stores and a wide range of health professionals with quality assured products since 1995. We’ve been supplying the public, as well as health clinics, detox spas, colon hydrotherapists, surgeries, health stores and other health practitioners, with quality assured products since 1995.

Here are just a few reasons why Herbal Living UK is proud to be partnered with Specialist Supplements 

  • Their products are manufactured in the UK under Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 9001 quality assured standards.
  • Specialist supplements only provide the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve your nutritional health goals!
  • Trading since 1995 means that they have great credibility in the marketplace
  • Specialist Supplements is not just another health supplements supplier – we have all our health foods and food supplements formulated in the United Kingdom.
  • Named Specialist Supplements for a reason; their formulations are unique and cutting-edge.


Quality assured, British Manufactured products

All of Specialist Supplements products are manufactured, right here in the UK using the highest quality ingredients and under quality assured processes (Including the Good Manufacturing Practices and the International standard ISO9001). All of their products are manufactured within a Registered Food Business Establishment under the food safety act of 1990. 

This means you can be 100% confident when you make a purchase through Herbal Living UK you really are receiving some of the best quality supplements on the market.

Organic certification

Specialist Supplements also offer an Organic Products range, which are all clearly marked on our website. And these products have been certified by the Soil Association. Which is the “gold standard” in Organic certifications and standards here in the United Kingdom.

So the Organic Quality of their plant based supplements is guaranteed by external governing bodies. The Soil association has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the organic sector. Which is why their symbol is one of the most recognised organic labels in the United Kingdom today. 

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High Quality Products, for high street prices with Herbal Living UK 

Specialist Supplements are called so for a reason. Unlike most mass-market products, they manufacture highly concentrated, unique and cutting edge food supplements to help you on your health and fitness journey. 

Herbal Living UK is proud to have been able to team up with such an excellent manufacturer to be able to provide you, our members, with exceptional products, for an exceptional price!

Specialist Supplements – An ethical, British manufacturer

Specialist Supplements Pride themselves in the care they take when choosing their suppliers. Whilst attempting the offer the best value for their products but also doing their part to be a responsible company. They are indeed such a wonderful UK based manufacturer and we’re proud to have them on board to get the Herbal Living UK dream off the ground!

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