Vitamin E Oil 70% (Tocopherols & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil)


Stop Skin irritation with a few drops of Vitamin E oil

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Vitamin E oil is an essential ingredient if you’re looking to explore essential oils to higher concentrations. Because of the potency of some plant essences, it is likely that people with sensitive skin will find irritations.

With proper research, study, or the support of a professional, it is possible to introduce essential oils into skincare routines in a way that both supports natural beauty. As well as providing a boost of certain elements that might be missing from the day to day adventures of daily life!

Adding Vitamin E oil back to your skin provides an essential vitamin that can protect the skin. It is used in aromatherapy products when there could be peroxides in the product that may be harmful for the skin. And the oil may be used on sensitive areas.

This Vitamin E oil is a thick and sticky product. High in concentrates of Infused oils, 30% Helianthus Annuus seed oil. And 70% Trocopherols.

The Tocopherol mixture is made of alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols. Due to the potency of this oil, it is not to be used neat on the skin and must be blended with other oils and carrier oils.

Often used in aromatherapy products such as massage or bath oils. As well as body butters, face masks, lip balms or any product that contains essential oils.

Adding Vitamin E to your products is highly recommended, it is extremely common to find Vitamin E oil being used in Aromatherapy due to its ability to reduce oxidation and prevent oil based formulas spoiling. It’s antipreservative properties will prevent mould and other microbes. Making Vitamin E oil an essential addition to water-based formulas.

Adding Vitamin E oil ensures freshness and a better quality of end product, the recommended amount of Tocopherol to use in your products is 0.2%, meaning a small bottle goes a long way.

Spend time researching your product before creating it. Make sure that you have understood how each oil works and how they interact with other oils if progressing to higher levels of essential oils.

The info given here is a guide only and a brief summary of the uses of Vitamin E oil in Essential oil blends, you are encouraged to do your own research into its use and doses, more information can be found here.

This Vitamin E oil comes from Avena Herbal Products who are extremely experienced in sourcing Oils and have a track record of trading socially aware ingredients. Allowing you to buy with confidence.

Vitamin E Kosher R00411 INCI breakdown- 70% Tocopherols and 30% Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil. We can also confirm that this Vitamin E Kosher is suitable for Vegans. Vitamin E Oil 70% (Tocopherols & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil)


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