Vetivert Essential Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides)


Find balance today with this Theraputic Vetivert essential oil

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Vetivert essential oil is great for balancing the hormonal system. This wonderful product can add extra life to your skin after a hard day, nourishing and moisturising helping your skin return to it’s natural elastic self when used in a cream for topical application.

Vetivert essential oil has been used in holistic medicine to help with anger management, reduce irritability, stress and tension. Get home from a hard day at work and relax and unwind by placing Vetivert in an oil burner, a few drops in the bath or blended as a massage oil or cream.

Vetivert oil has been said to calm the mind, making it a perfect addition to your essential oil collection during these stressful times.

This high quality oil has a range of uses, as well as relaxing the mind it can be used for muscular aches and pains as well as having a balancing effect on your hormones, you can even use it to help you sleep at night!

When used on the skin, Vetivert is excellent to use on dry, irritated or dehydrated skin whilst also being able to add tone to your skin and your muscles. Recover from a hard week with a bath by adding Vetivert Essential oil to your bath or home made skin creams

The therapeutic properties of vetivert oil include antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine, sedative, tonic, sedative and vulnerary. Aroma: deep smoky, earthy, woody scent with sweet persistent undertone


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