Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil (Vanilla planifolia)


Relieve childhood memories with this Vanilla Essential oil

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You’ve probably tried a few Vanilla essential oils in the past and found the quality varies depending on where you’re getting them from. This essential oil is a high quality product that has been extracted from the beans of the plant that grows in Madagascar and Indonesia. All that sunshine and high quality soil allows for the best quality Vanilla to grow.

This Vanilla essential oil is a thick sticky oil, and you might struggle to use it. But It is well worth the effort and paying a little extra for the quality you are receiving!

Vanilla essential oil has been used in the cosmetic industry ever since it was possible to extract this high quality, relaxing and euphoric oil from the naturally Vanilla beans.

For many years, vanilla has been used for it’s antidepressant and calming properties, this is because of the fond memories we have from our childhood. The memories of cookies, sweets creams and cakes will come rushing back as the rich sweet aroma begins to fill the room. But the aphrodisiac properties of this magical aroma come from much more than our memories.

The molecules of this natural smell are very similar to human pheromones, allowing them to work with our very primal instincts to bring a deep level of relaxation and euphoria when you place this oil in your burner after a hard day at work!


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