Top 5 essential oils for beating Dandruff


Top 5 Essential Oils for Beating Dandruff

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Dandruff be gone with these top 5 scalp soothing essences

Dry scalp can be a pain. From a Minor inconvenience to becoming embarrassing. Dry scalp is a sign that your hair is missing something it needs. Your scalp is asking to be fed something. With these essential oils, you can begin adding all the necessary oils your scalp needs. Promoting healthy and silky hair to the touch.

Introducing Essential oils to your cosmetics routine. Can be used as a preventative measure for a wide range of purposes. From increasing the moisture content of your skin to nourishing the hair itself. The oils in this list are perfect for helping your hair grow thick, healthy and soft. Stopping dandruff in it’s tracks!

5. Tea Tree

Kicking off this List, it the almost famous Tea Tree Oil This oil is well known for it’s antiseptic properties. Helping to reduce oil buildup as well as helping to moisturise your scalp.

Tea Tree oil is well known throughout the world for it’s disinfecting abilities, this applies to your skin as well. The Many uses of Tea Tree oil include insect repellent, Nasal decongestant as well as being an excellent treatment for oily skin.

Adding this high quality oil to any shampoo or shower gel will leave your bathroom smelling of the pine forests, combine with another exotic oil to really turn up the sensual experience of your bath nights!

4. Thyme

Thyme oil has long been celebrated for it’s antiseptic properties/. This moisturising essential oil has often been used to help with adding much needed moisture to eczema, preventing the skin from becoming raw to the touch.

Thyme oil has also shown promise in helping stimulate hair growth, however it is an extremely strong oil, and you must put no more  than 5 drops of this potent oil in 2/3 cups of of carrier oil for daily application. A diluted mixture can be massaged into the scalp on a daily basis to stimulate hair growth.

Exercise Caution when using Thyme essential oil, this oil is best used in heavily diluted solutions for a reason. We’d invited you to do some thorough research before applying thyme oil to your scalp.

3. Rosemary

Ah rosemary, one of the most well known fragrances in the UK. Used for generations in cooking, massage, sleep aids and so much more. We have been using Rosemary around the home for hundreds of years and now you can introduce it to your skincare routine, with this highly concentrated Rosemary oil.

Rosemary essential oil can be diluted down into a high quality massage oil like Hazelnut oil which can then be massaged into your scalp, adding much needed moisture to prevent dandruff from getting out of control. Hazelnut oil is also an excellent source of Vitamin E which is well known to be essential for healthy hair growth

2. Lavender

Another Firm favourite in many homes, Lavender oil is often used in aromatherapy, there’s an incredibly high chance at some point in time you have used Lavender oil for a wide range of benefits. Now you can carry the essence of Lavender in your handbag in a convenient 10 ml bottle 

Adding a few drops of Lavender Essential oils to your home made shower gels and other bath products will result in a deep refreshing sleep. Providing you with the energy required to tackle the day ahead!

Lavender is well known for it’s anti-dandruff properties, and can be used daily when applied in a diluted solution. Blending this essential oil with a high quality massage oil will provide excellent results with daily application

1. Juniper Berries

Juniper Berry oil is an ancient remedy used by the Native Americans. And the Juniper Berry is currently making waves on the holistic health scene once again. The Berries of the Juniper Bush take around 3 years to ripen.

Often, oil manufacturers will make the Juniper essential oil from the bark of the plant itself. This is why you can source cheap Juniper Berry oil on the market today, because the oil has come from Juniper bark, not Juniper berry.

Juniper Berries are well known in helping with the battle against dandruff, and this high quality oil can be blended with a high quality massage oil like Argan oil. This will help nourish the skin and prevent the conditions required for Dandruff to take hold!

The benefits of Juniper Berry essential oil are often talked about in a variety of circles. Have you tried the benefits of Juniper Berry in your bathing routine?

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Essential oils don’t replace scientific medicine. But instead can be used to compliment a healthy lifestyles. Essential oils have been used by therapeutic practitioners for centuries. Using essential oils can be an excellent preventative measure against dandruff. You should always conduct a patch test before using any Essential oil on a wider area.

Many people simply use essential oils for their naturally entrancing aromas. This can introduce a whole new sensory experience to your bath or shower routines. Fill the bathroom with the smells you love by making your own Bath Products.

Herbal Living UK recommends using essential oil blends of less than 1% unless guided by a professional. Always use caution when using any essential oils in a burner.

This is especially true when planning on operating heavy machinery. Due to the fact a wide range of oils can cause deep relaxation which will alter your perceptions and reaction times.

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