Rose Damask Essential Oil (Blend) 10% Rose Dilution in Jojoba


Feel the love with this Rose essential oil, 10% dilution, 100% effective

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Rose essential oil has always been expensive and luxurious oil due to the difficult extraction process, it can take up to 40 tons of rose petals just to make 300g of this luxurious oil.

So it is recommended that you use a dilution of 10% pure rose essential oil, blended in a carrier oil of your choice to make this high quality invigorating oil more affordable. (this product uses Jojoba oil as a perfect pairing for this luxurious oil!)

Regardless of its price, the potency and incredible aroma of even a small amount of Rose Absolute essential oil makes it an excellent investment especially considering the cost of a dozen fresh roses!

To create this oil at home for yourself you would need around 36 roses to produce a single drop of oil!

Best used in an oil burner, a few drops of 10% dilution in the bath or blended into your homemade massage oil or cream, rose oil is a popular perfume and excellent antidepressant, calming the nerves and soothing the digestive system, it is especially beneficial for mature, dry or sensitive skin, this wonderful uplifting oil is a sound investment despite the costs.

Rose is also known to be used for lack of confidence, is wonderfully uplifting and is thought to help those who lack love in their lives, a very important oil in aromatherapy.

The therapeutic properties of rose oil include antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, sedative, stomachic and tonic. Aroma: a divine sweet floral scent.

Note: do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding.


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