Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita)


Cool off with Peppermint oil

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Peppermint is well known for its lovely fresh and cooling properties, it has been widely used in aromatherapy for a range of treatments. When mixed with a high quality carrier oil and rubbed onto the temples it can be used to relieve migraines, headaches as well as reducing mental exhaustion and depression.

This popular essential oil is wonderful for uplifting the mind and body, uplifting your spirits and stimulating mental agility, leading to increased concentration!

Peppermint essential oil has been used to increase empathy, fight against shock and nervous stress as well as being used for a range of digestive complaints including flatulence, nausea and stomach cramps.

Peppermint is possibly the most versatile essential oils on the market and has been used in assisting women with painful periods and the cramping that often coincides with a woman’s monthly cycle.

This high quality essential oil can also help with dry coughs, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, colds and flu as many bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Work with your body in holding back these invaders by applying peppermint oil as a chest rub to help fight a range of infections and complaints.

Add a few drops to shower gel, shampoo, moisturizing lotion or simply directly into a bath for a cooling crisp aroma that is great on hot days or add a few drops to a duster and you will leave a fresh scent wherever you clean.

Peppermint oil can also be used as an insect repellent to get rid of ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and lice, (a few drops on a pillow aid clear breathing and keep insects at bay making it great to take on holiday).

The therapeutic properties of peppermint oil include analgesic, anaesthetic, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, decongestant, nervine, stimulant and vermifuge.

Aroma: minty & fresh. Note: use in moderation.


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