Orange & Vanilla Bridgewater Votive Candle


This Bridgewater Votive Candle that has an executive design will enhance your home decor.

It’s has a priceless combination of fragrances that include orange and the sweet-smelling vanilla.

The 5cm tall candle burns for an amazing 15 hours and can be used in any room. It’s excellent packaging makes it irresistible.

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Deliciously fruity and uplifting orange and richly sweet vanilla come together in this gorgeous votive candle creating perfect harmony to combat stress and create a relaxing and decadent aroma. Combining this with the simple look of the candle it would complement any room it is put in and would also be a fantastic idea to give to somebody as part of a small gift. This candle is a 15 hour burner and is approximately 5cm tall. This candle is presented in a very delicate looking patterned box with colours that complement the candle and its scent. 


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