Niaouli Essential Oil (Melaleuca viridiflora)


Protect yourself with Niaoulis antiseptic properties

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Well known for its antiseptic qualities, Niaouli essential oil is regularly used for a wide range of skin issues. These include treating acne, ulcers, burns, cuts and insect bites. When mixed with half a pint of boiled and cooled water.

6 drops of Niaouli essential oil can be used to cleanse minor burns, wounds cuts and grazes. It is especially useful if you have dirt in a wound due to its antiseptic properties, making it an essential addition to your essential oils collection!

This essential oil can be used in your oil burner, a few drops in your bath or added to your homemade massage oils or creams. Niaouli is amazing for increasing concentration and clearing the head, fighting infections and relieving pain!

used to cleanse minor burns and wounds, cuts, grazes etc. especially if there is dirt in the wound. The therapeutic properties of niaouli oil include antiseptic, bactericidal, decongestant, expectorant, febrifuge, insecticide and stimulant. Aroma: sweet and fresh.


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