Mens – 12 Week Muscle Mass Building Workout & Diet Plan


Mens – 12 Week Muscle Mass Building Workout & Diet Plan

Be sure to check out the product images for an example of what’s in store in this 72 page workout and diet plan! You won’t be disappointed! Product Description is below!

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How long has it been since you were in the Gym?

Gyms are beginning to open up now, but there’s a good chance you’ve not been training for a while.

It’s important to break yourself back in slowly, otherwise you run the risk of injury!

Build up the intensity with this 12 week workout plan! available Free with a Herbal Living Membership 

Complete with nutrition advice for both Omnivores and Vegan diets, as well as:

    1. A wealth of information on how to keep your body healthy
    2. 5 Meals a day for 7 days – Have a healthy diet designed to increase mass
    3. Nutritional information on all the ingredients within the diet plan including
      1. Calories
      2. Macro-nutrients:
        1. Protein
        2. Fats
        3. Carbohydrates
    4. A step by Step full body warm up routine – Minimise injuries

A 3 phase workout plan

Instead of jumping straight back into training, this workout plan will slowly phase you back into the swing of a solid routine, helping you tap into that muscle memory in no time. By slowing increasing the intensity, you give your body time to recover from any period of inactivity. Then you will gradually increase the intensity of your workout at a controlled and well thought out pace.

Bulk up fast

Noticing that you’ve lost some size because you’ve not been in the gym? It’s okay, your body will bounce back to its former glory in no time by following this Training and Diet plan for the next 12 weeks! Included in the pages is a high protein, high calorie diet plan with the intention of helping you gaining size.

Go Plant Based

If you want to eat animal protein on this diet plan, there’s a diet for you within the pages. But should you be interested in trying vegan foods along side your regular diet, there’s nutritional information available on plant based proteins too!

You will have to get creative on your own to put together some recipes, but there’s a huge range of recipe books available through Herbal Living UKs library.

Results may vary

Your satisfaction is indeed guaranteed, but we doubt you’re going to want your money back on this one, it’s 72 pages of Fitness Information from a qualified Personal Trainer. If you follow this workout plan to the letter, for 12 weeks straight, and you’re not happy with the results, you can receive a refund on your purchase and keep the ebook as a way of showing there’s no hard feelings!

Herbal Living UK satisfaction Guarantee
If you aren’t happy with the results our workouts provide, let us know within 14 weeks of purchase and you will receive your money back

When you’re done with this one, give our 20 Week Body Weight blast program a try, it’ll really step up your results a notch!


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