Make your own Shower Gel (1 litre Bundle)

Free Oils!

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The Perfect Gifts on a tight budget, send a Personalised Bubble Bath with this Make Your Own Shampoo set
All our make your own bath product bases are manufactured in the UK by cruelty free Manufacturers

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Herbal Living UK understands that high quality products, often come with high prices.

By purchasing this Make Your own Shower gel set, you will receive everything you need to create 1 litre of personalised Shower gel. Introduce the power of plant essence to your bathing routine

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pintrest profile for more information on different essential oil recipes for a range of hair types

When you purchase this bundle, you are provided with 2 options for bottle types. 1 litre clear plastic bottles and 500 millilitre black bottles.

Herbal Living UK would like to mention at this point that black plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle, however the bottles we provide are of high quality and can be reused many times.

Free Essential Oils with Each Purchase!

With this bundle, you can choose 3 different essential oils of your preference from our range. The third one will be free.

You will see a voucher code at checkout if you have this bundle in your Cart to receive 1 Free Essential oils, when you purchase have this Bundle, and 3 essential oils in your basket.

Add a touch of personalised luxury to your Bathing Routine

This year has been a long one, how much time have you made for yourself over the past 10 months? Head into 2021 feeling fresh by bathing in a customised blend of essential oils to lift your spirits and cleanse your soul!


Herbal Living UK does not recommend using an essential oil dilution of over 1% when creating your own bath products, meaning you will need approximately 10ml of essential oils for this bundle deal

Please use caution when creating your own essential oil based products. You are responsible for understanding the potential effects of each oil you purchase.

Essential oils and aromatherapy products do not replace scientific medicine. Herbal Living UK recommends using essential oils under correct guidance and following in-depth research



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