Macadamia Oil (Macadamia ternifolia)


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Macadamia trees are native to Madagascar and Australia, and grow from 50 to 60 feet high with long, narrow leaves and clusters of pink or white flowers. The round, hard-shelled nuts grow in clusters and are covered with the husks that split when they are ripe.

This Macadamia oil is rich in mono-unsaturated oils, oleic and palmitic acids, it is a highly emollient oil that adds a huge range of benefits to all skin types. Often used to promote skin suppleness, Macadamia oil is quickly absorbed into the skin.

This makes it perfect for dry or wrinkled skin and it can be used to help prevent the effects of time, reducing signs of aging. Macadamia oil can be used on its own but we recommend adding this oil to a massage oil to spread costs and promote skin suppleness. This oil is excellent for hair growth as well as treating a dry or itchy scalp.

This High Quality oil comes from Avena Products, who are an experienced Wholesale and retail carrier oil suppliers, having a high turnover of oil. These oils come from sustainable sources and provide a level of confidence you are supporting ethical industries.


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