Hazelnut Oil (Corylus avellana)


Hazelnuts, more than just a dairy substitute

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Known to penetrate the skin quickly. Hazelnut oil is great for use on oily skin or conditions such as acne. It is used to tone, tighten and nourish the skin. Providing your skin everything it needs to maintain your natural beauty.

Hazelnut oil has been said to help straighten the capillaries in your skin. Meaning it may be useful against thread veins as well as stimulating circulation to the surface of the skin.

The Hazelnut plant probably originated in Greece and Hazelnut oil is the highest level of oleic acid of any plant oil. Higher than both olive and Almond oil at 75%-80%. This high quality oil can be used as a face or body massage oil and can be used as a base oil itself. Alternatively used Hazelnut oil in a blend with other carrier oils.

This High Quality oil comes from Avena Products, who are an experienced Wholesale and retail carrier oil suppliers, having a high turnover of oil. These oils come from sustainable sources and provide a level of confidence you are supporting ethical industries.


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