Give ‘Em A Grumpy (Set of 4)


Wondering what to get for your grumpy friend as a gift? This Give ‘Em A Grumpy magical stone is the perfect pick. The handmade gifts are uniquely designed with an information card that is just right for the recipient. Feel free to slip it into their pockets or onto their desks and change the mood instantly.

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Who isn’t a little grumpy from time to time? It’s normal to feel a little fed up, especially with everything that’s going on at the moment! Have a little fun with the grump in your life with this magical stone that has be mythologically proven to absorb grumpiness!

We’re still working on gathering the data for a scientific conclusion, but most of our test subjects couldn’t help but smile when they found a Gumpy Magical Stone planted around their work area!

Slip grumpy stones into pockets, onto desks, into work areas, or place directly into hands.

Simple, effective, and inexpensive, give one today! Grumpies are adult medication, with no known side effects (So far! Please let us know if your head turns yellow from all the happiness the stone brings, we’re still in testing at the moment! Your Scientific Data would be incredibly valueable!) .

These are hand made so every grumpy is wonderfully unique. If you order just one we will hand pick it for you, they are all wonderful so you are guaranteed a good one.

If you order our set of four we will send a selection of light and dark ones while also choosing different expressions for you. They are ideal for outdoor use if required, as they look great in the garden too. Each grumpy is approximately 4cm across.

Looking to beat the grump on a large scale? Drop us an email to arrange bulk delivery to all your grumpy co-workers! Availiable through Herbal Living UK Memeberships Direct From Manufacturer! Save £££ on British Products!


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