Fragrance Oils for Bathroom 10ml


Packed in a 10ml container, this fragrance oil for bathroom will change the entire atmosphere of your bath time. Available in a variety of fragrances, all you need is to put a few drops of the fragrance oil onto a damp cloth and then place it on the radiator. It can be used every day before you take a bath.

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These three varieties here have been selected as the most popular bathroom oils and a great tip is to put a few drops of your selected Avena Fragrance Oil onto a damp clean cloth and then place the cloth onto your bathroom radiator, this then acts in the same way as an oil burner but without the worry of candles or water levels in a burner. Ideal to use everyday or place in the  bathroom a few minutes before your bath to create a specially selected aroma.

These oils are concentrated and only a few drops are needed meaning these small bottles last a long time (they are not the cheap watered down types). Also ideal for use in oil burners, lamp rings or to drop onto potpourri, dried flowers, pomanders etc.


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