Essential oils for reducing oil buildup!

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Reducing Oil Buildup

That’s right, you can add essential oils to reduce oil buildup in your hair or skin. When you use the essential oils included in this bundle deal. You can be certain that you’re introducing healthy oils and essences to you hair and skin!

Lemongrass Oil – 10ml – £3.99
Ylang-Ylang Oil –  10ml – £5.99
Tea Tree Oil – 30 ml – £9.99
Juniper Berries Oil – 10 ml – £5.99
Lemon Oil – 10ml –  FREE GIFT

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Say goodbye to oily skin with the Top 5 high quality essential oils for preventing breakouts

We all have those days when our skin breaks out or our hair feels greasy. It’s just part of having hair and skin we guess. The essential oils listed in this article are perfect for reducing oil buildup within your skin and hair!

5. Lemongrass:

Lemongrass oil has been used for generations all over the world, with it’s primary uses being in South East Asia, where it is a popular flavour to work with in cuisines as well as in Eastern Medicines, Lemongrass oil has shown great benefits for the skin, as well as being said to stimulate hair growth

4. Ylang-Ylang oil

Essence of Ylang-Ylang is another oil that has it’s origins in Asia. The Ylang-Ylang plant is known as the cananga tree and can be found growing in it’s native country of India.

This oil as been used in Ayurveda principles for generations. The healing properties of Ylang-Ylang oil were originally used by ancient healers as well as French Chemists in years gone by.

Today this Ylang-Ylang oil is world renown for it’s relaxing and soothing properties, this exotic fragrance will bring a sense of sensual relaxation to your bedroom. Perfect for those cosy nights in front of the television! 

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is well known throughout the world for it’s disinfecting abilities. The Many uses of Tea Tree oil include insect repellent, Nasal decongestant as well as being an excellent treatment for oily skin. 

Adding this high quality oil to any shampoo or shower gel will leave your bathroom smelling of the pine forests, combine with another exotic oil to really turn up the sensual experience of your bath nights!

2. Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper Berry oil is an ancient remedy used by the Native Americans. And the Juniper Berry is currently making waves on the holistic health scene once again. The Berries of the Juniper Bush take around 3 years to ripen.

Often, oil manufacturers will make the Juniper essential oil from the bark of the plant itself. This is why you can source cheap Juniper Berry oil on the market today, because the oil has come from Juniper bark, not Juniper berry.

Herbal Living UK provides access to High quality British Manufactured products. When you purchase Juniper berry oil through our platform, you can be certain that your Juniper oil has been extracted from the ripest of berries available. 

The benefits of Juniper Berry essential oil are often talked about in a variety of circles. Have you tried the benefits of Juniper Berry in your bathing routine? 

1. And Lemon Oil

Lemon is regularly said to be one of the best essential oils for Oily Skin, introducing Citrus fruits to your aromatherapy collection can uplift any room.

Introducing Lemon oils bring a whole new level of anti-oxidising properties to the table as well as a powerful toning effect that will leave your skin feeling refreshed after a 30 minute soak. 

Lemon Oil is used to reduce breakouts caused by oily skin (or by wearing your mask!) and can be used to treat wounds, speeding up the healing process. 

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Essential oils don’t replace scientific medicine. But instead can be used to compliment a healthy lifestyles.

Essential oils have been used by therapeutic practitioners for centuries. Using the essential oils listed here has been seen to reduce oil buildup in hair and skin. 

You should always conduct a patch test before using any Essential oil on a wider area.

Many people simply use essential oils for their naturally entrancing aromas. This can introduce a whole new sensory experience to your bath or shower routines. Fill the bathroom with the smells you love by making your own Bath Products.

Herbal Living UK recommends using essential oil blends of less than 1% unless guided by a professional. Always use caution when using any essential oils in a burner.

This is especially true when planning on operating heavy machinery. Due to the fact a wide range of oils can cause deep relaxation which will alter your perceptions and reaction times.

Herbal Living has a small selection of aromatherapy books available through the Herbal Living UK library. You can get a free Ebook when you purchase a Make You’re own shampoo set!

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