Castor Oil (Ricinus communis)


Love your inner woman, with this ethically sourced Castor oil

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India Remains the main producer of Castor Seed Oil. Although Castor seeds have spread to Russia, China, Brazil and other countries with extremely good reason. Castor oil is one of the few carrier oils that acts as an emulsifying agent.

This means it is often used in creams, oils, manufacturing as well as aromatherapy. It’s such an incredibly versatile oil!

It provides an excellent base to essential oils due to its solubility. Caster oil also provides an excellent protective barrier to your skin. Allowing you to experience life to the full knowing your skin is protected from the environmental pressures of day to day life.

The fatty acids of castor oil are ricinoleic (89%), oleic (6%) and linoleic (3%). Providing your skin with high quality oils allows you to support your body to help preserve your natural beauty.

This High Quality oil comes from Avena Products, who are an experienced Wholesale and retail carrier oil suppliers, having a high turnover of oil. These oils come from sustainable sources and provide a level of confidence you are supporting ethical industries.


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