Everyday Bundle

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Cover your bases with the Everyday Bundle

Are you wanting to protect your health? But don’t want to spend a lot of money?

When you buy the Basic Bundle, you are receiving 3 high quality products. Tailored to help you,  in more ways than one;

  1. HempNourish – More than just a protein powder. This meal replacement shake is the perfect way to start your day!
  2. NaturaC– Give your body what it wants. Keeping your vitamin C levels high helps your body fight of any illness
  3. MultiFlora Pro Bio – Keep your tummy happy! With these Pro Bio capsules, there’s no need to refrigerate

Of course No supplement can replace good diet and you should really combine these products with one of our Fitness and Nutrition guides (Don’t worry, you get that Free with your membership too!)

A perfect bundle for those who are just starting to explore the world of plant based supplements

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To make shopping at Herbal Living UK even easier, we’ve put together a range of bundles for you to purchase, providing you maximum value on your membership!

The world of plant based supplements can be daunting. We want to make your experience with Herbal Living UK as smooth as possible.

Our Everyday bundle is created to help you stay healthy, without breaking the bank! Whether you’re looking to protect your health, maximise your gains or just support your body by replacing vitamins and minerals you might not get through your diet, we’ve got you covered

Members receive unbelievable value on supplement bundles

When you sign up for a Herbal Living UK membership, you receive the best prices you will find on the market for products of this quality

How do we know this? Because we simply leave enough “profit” Margins on your purchases to cover the Shipping.

As more and more members join Herbal Living UK in Building a Healthier Britain, we will drastically reduce the costs of Plant Based Supplements and other products that many people use to boost the level of vitamins and minerals they consume on a day to day basis.

Because at Herbal Living UK. We don’t believe that health, should be a luxury.

Healthy Regards

Herbal Living UK



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