Argan Oil Cold Pressed (Argania spinosa)


Find out why Argan oil is called “The Tree of Life”

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The Argan tree is often referred to as the “Tree of life” in the Moroccan community. This is because it has supported the community living in arid regions and their livestock for centuries. The leaves and fruit have been used to sustain cattle, goats and sheep. Every single part of this tree is used. When the oil has been extracted, a press-cake can be made that feeds cattle.

The oil and nut shells can be used as food as well as fuel. The oil is produced through a laborious process and takes around 12-20 hours of hand processing to produce 1 litre of oil! This is why Argan oil is one of the rarest and most expensive oils of its kind in the wor;d/ Argan oil has twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in antioxidants. This explains why it is often used in high end cuisine. Since the 13th century, this luxurious oil has been used to nourish and add life to your hair, nails and skin because of its high carotene content.

The skin protection benefits that Argan oil brings to your life is due to the active substances called triterpenoids. These active substances are said to have excellent anti aging properties. High levels of Vitamin E protect your skin when it is exposed to the polluted environment of city living.

Smoothing and Cooling inflammation as well as being reputed to reduce wrinkles by restoring the skin’s lipid layers. Argan oil is suitable for skin prone to psoriasis, eczema, dry patches and acne and can also help ease the irritation of chicken pox. It’s said to reduce scarring and prevent stretch marks. Argan can be used neat on the face and body as a natural beauty oil. Applied to the skin it is a dry oil that’s instantly absorbed and leaves a silky feel that helps improve the skin’s appearance and texture. These characteristics of Argan oil make it an exceptional product to use on your face and to reduce scarring of any nature.

To use: rub the oil between the palms of the hands and massage into the skin daily or just massage straight into the areas of the body ready to receive extra care. Add a few drops to a bath to soften the skin. Brush through static or dry hair. Massage a drop into the nails to strengthen and protect or use as an ingredient in other massage oils, creams, lotions, shampoos or conditioners.


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