Herbal Living UK is making plant based protein powders, more affordable!

We’re not here to get preachy about what you should and should not drink, eat or even take. Herbal Living UK is here to help as many people as possible receive information on all types of health and fitness lifestyles. Not to judge.

We do, however, have a lot to say about the dairy industry. Check out one of our blog articles on the health risks and benefits of Dairy here.

Why not try a Vegan Protein Power today?

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Hemp Protein Powders, for a brighter future

Whey protein powder, has long since been the point of jokes in healthy lifestyle circles.

Often leaving users of Whey protein powders gassy and bloated after consumption. “Protein Farts” which are incredibly naturally occurring when on a high protein diet. Combine a high protein diet with the large portion of dairy products in your stomach. Lends itself to, what can often be described as “Lethal” combinations

But hemp protein and plant based proteins have so much more benefits to your health and the environment than this!

Moving away from the discussion on which products have the best physical effects on the human body transformation. There is a lot to be said for the amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced from dairy cattle.

Regardless of your dietary choices. We’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint making the switch to Plant Based Protein powders is a far superior choice for your Health, the Health of the planet, and soon, through Herbal Living UK, the health of your wallet!

For an unbiased review of why you should make the change to plant based supplements, check out our article here.

Cannabis has such a bad reputation, did you know it could save the world?

2. Hemp as a Carbon Sink

One of the key benefits of turning to Hemp as a vital part of achieving the Net Zero targets of the United Kingdom, is that growing Hemp on an industrial scale acts as an incredibly effective carbon extraction method. 

When plants grow, they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and turn that into the plant matter that we grow, burn, eat, drink even wear ect. 

What does using Hemp mean for the environment?

Well if a greater number of people moved over to Hemp based products, we would be actively choosing a product that is taking Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere just to be produced.

For more information on the huge benefits of industrial hemp, check out our page here.

Passing the savings onto the consumer

As more people join our buying groups, larger orders will be being placed on a regular basis.

Significantly reducing the price of each individual purchase.

Herbal Living UK will make the commitment to increase transparency as we grow. As more and more people join our services, our Members and Group Purchases will see exactly where their hard earned money is going, including the profits made on each group sale. 

A vast majority of the savings off RRP, are passed onto you, the end consumer.

3. Other British Manufactured Products

Herbal Living UK is looking to team up with a wide range of manufacturers in the UK. To be able to provide wholesale prices on some of the most popular and high value products people buy in the UK today.

As we grow we intend to nurture and forge more relationships with British Manufacturers as well as our customers. By looking to our members to provide direction on the products they would be most interested in purchasing on a regular basis.

As popularity in community based purchasing grows, we will begin to add different levels of memberships, or “buying groups” where people can join each group in return for receiving wholesale rates.

This will allow you, the end customer, to join in one order that will be placed on behalf of a predetermined number of people. By ordering alongside other people you will receive significantly better prices than if you were to make purchases with a retailer. 

Herbal Living UK: Helping to Build a Healthier Britain

There is a very good reason why Herbal Living UK has decided to start with these products in particular. They are all incredibly up and coming products.

Over the next 2 years studies suggest that the UK plant based supplements market is going boom.

As more and more people become aware of the major benefits of making plant based buying decisions. More products and manufacturers will become available in the UK.

The most common reason why most people don’t choose plant based alternatives for the nutritional supplements, comes down to price.

It is significantly cheaper to purchase non-plant based supplements like whey protein, because the demand for plant based is still relatively low.

Herbal Living UK is giving you, the consumer, the chance to change the way we purchase plant based products. With the intention of making these products significantly more affordable in the future!

Top Quality British Plant Based Supplements

Over time, Herbal Living UK will look to expand its product ranges, introducing more generic versions of our products.

We already have our eye on a few manufacturers in the UK who we wish to approach. But at first we are looking for proof that the business model will be well accepted by the community. 

By joining Herbal Living UK now, you are doing so much more than receiving heavy discounts on your Supplements Purchases.

You are becoming involved in changing the way the British Public makes purchases for the better!