Make your Own Cosmetics

Enjoy Wholesale rates on Cosmetic Products with Herbal Living UK

Cosmetics can be expensive, cosmetics that are ethical can break the bank.

Herbal Living UK is extremely proud to have partnered with Avena Herbal Products to provide access to some amazing high quality cosmetics, at amazing prices.

We have created some dedicated product bundles, currently available on sale to allow you to stock up on personalised cosmetics for the winter.

Send Personalised Gifts this Christmas

There’s nothing that shows more appreciation than a personalised gift. And with these product bundles, you will be able to send high quality bath products to your friends, without breaking the bank!

For a Fraction of the retail price you can create up to 10 personalised Shampoo, Shower Gel or Massage oil and other cosmetics with our Make your own cosmetics range.

Included with each of these bundles you will receive Free access to aromatherapy books and holistic medicine books. As well as our guide to creating your own bath products.

Say No to Animal Testing

We are proud to say that all our product ranges are completely ethical, and we operate with complete transparency on who our suppliers are to allow you to make an educated decision on your purchase.

Herbal Living UK is making a commitment to make Ethical Purchasing both convenient and cost effective.

Check out our range of “Make your Own Cosmetics” and receive wholesale rates on your purchase.