Community Purchasing Explained in Under 60 seconds

How Does Community Buying Work?

Hi there, welcome to Herbal Living UK, it’s amazing to have you here!

There’s a good chance you’re wondering exactly how Community Buying works. It’s understandable, there’s only a few industries that currently use Community Buying, and in the past it’s not been made accessible for every day people like you and me.

Order as a group, receive wholesale rates

When you join a Herbal Living UK membership, you join a nationwide buying scheme. Built with the intention of helping consumers spread their money further whilst investing in British products.

By receiving access to an online community order platform. You will gain access to wholesale rates on high quality British products. As though you were placing a large order for hundreds of units yourself!

Herbal Living UK will then arrange for Delivery directly from the manufacturer/wholesaler of your chosen product, all covered in the Product costs. This means your products are coming directly from source!

By Membership Only

By introducing the concept of Membership Access to wholesale rates on a range of products. Herbal Living UK will allow you to save money, whilst buying incredible quality.

Instead of reaching for products in retail stores, where the business is aiming to make as much profit on the sale as possible. This is because they have some pretty heft overheads to cover.

And you don’t always know what’s in them, or where they were manufactured.

By allowing you to order directly from Manufacturers through our service, Herbal Living UK provides you with the ability to move your purchasing higher up the product supply chain. All for a low monthly, and even lower annual fee!

With a Herbal Living Membership you will have complete peace of mind where your products are coming from, allowing you to verify the quality of the products you are purchasing yourself.

What the future holds for Community Purchasing

Community Purchasing on such a grand scale is an entirely new concept, allowing people to receive wholesale rates through an online service, simply doesn’t exist. So we are looking to grow into a space that we see needs filling as rapidly as possible.

Bulk ordering 1000kg of Products – pay for only 2kg!

You’ve probably seen the websites, where a business needs to sell a set number of each product before the order can be fulfilled. Herbal Living UK will be introducing a similar service very soon, but for Plant based protein powders.

Except instead of charging a significant percentage on top of wholesale price, we will charge you a small service fee for Shipping and Handling the product.

A range of British Manufacturers, all on one platform

Right now, we’re incredibly lucky to be able to provide you access to one of Britains most cutting edge plant based food supplements manufacturer. But we’re not just going to stop with Food Supplements!

Herbal Living UK has it’s eye on other manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, which seem like a perfect fit for what we are looking to achieve.

Over time you will gain access to more and more products, at wholesale rates!

Before we can bring on new products to the service, we need a little more traction in the business. To help us introduce wholesale dry goods to Herbal Living UKs online service. Join our Health Pioneer membership plans today!

Herbal Living UK is introducing a new type of Cooperative purchasing movement

You will gain the opportunity to enjoy savings on British products, savings that have never been seen before in the UK marketplace!

As Herbal Living UK membership base grows, being part of a community purchasing membership service will add a range of benefits to your purchase decisions

What are the key benefits of Community Purchasing?

  1. Receive unbelievable value on high quality British products
  2. Support British Industry by choosing to spend money with British Companies
  3. Access to large bulk community pricing drives – with your order delivered direct to your door
  4. Benefit from seeing your hard earned money, go so much further
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