What’s so special about Herbal Living UK memberships?

Many Supplements companies offer memberships, from gaining points on your purchases to receiving Free products after you spend a certain amount, Herbal Living UK provides memberships with a difference!

Herbal Living UK is the nations first Community Purchasing company for Health Supplements

Wholesale prices From Herbal Living UK

Herbal Living UK is looking to bridge the gap between the Consumer, and British Manufacturers. With our Membership plans, you both receive up to 35% off Recommended Retail Price, as well as access to an ever growing Library of health, fitness and wellness information.

For more information on how Community Purchasing will drastically reduce the costs of UK manufactured health supplements, click here to be taken to our community purchasing page!

The largest collection of health information

At this moment in time, we have purchased the resale rights to over 1’000 health, fitness and recipe books, as well as 10 unique training and diet plans which will be provided to all our members, completely FREE of charge. To give you the kick start on your health and fitness journey.

Overtime, we will grow and expand our library of information. Both by filtering out the books our customers don’t like, and replacing them with books that you do like! We aim to become one of the largest resources of quality health information within the United Kingdom. But we have much higher hopes than this!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the health books we have available

To view our entire health library, to see what EBooks and other digital products are available to our members, Free of charge, click here!

Herbal Living UK: A community focused business

Herbal Living UK is providing a unique opportunity. The likes of which has never been seen before in the UK. By operating similar to a Co-operative. We will provide our members with access to unrivalled prices. Without the need to be directly involved in the running of the business itself.

Herbal Living UK believes that there is no need to have a company that makes Millions, if not Billions of pounds in profit. Especially when there are so many people in our great country that struggle to meet ends meet.

By Joining A Herbal Living UK membership plan, you are supporting the United Kingdom by both helping to support British industry, instead of purchasing products manufactured over seas. As well as becoming involved with building a new type of business.

A business that puts people, before profits!

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No Minimum Orders!

That’s right, you can gain access to amazing rates on high quality products regardless of how much you spend! Herbal Living UK is changing the way the British Consumer connects with British Industry.

By charging a small monthly membership fee. allow access to wholesale rates for high quality products. Ensuring you won’t find better products for better prices anywhere on the market!

If you do spend under a certain amount, however. We will have to charge a small delivery fee.

The reason we can’t offer free delivery to everyone is because we don’t make that much profits on the products you buy.

In retail, it is easy to offer Free delivery when you’re making over 100% profit on your products.

At Herbal Living UK, you get access to excellent quality products. Directly from the suppliers themselves!

Making ethical consumption, Affordable

Herbal Living UK has one goal in mind over any other at this moment in time, and that is making top quality products, affordable for everyone.

Over time as our active memberships grow, the prices our members will pay will decrease over time. The larger Herbal Living UK becomes, the more savings you, our valued members, will see on each of your purchases.

To learn more about our plans to increase savings across all our memberships, click here to view our Company Projected timeline.

Just imagine getting these quality plant based supplements, for up to 35% off!

If you’re ready to learn more about the Manufacturer of these high quality plant based supplements, Specialist Supplements, check out their business profile, here!

Herbal Living UK wants to add value to your health;

Gain access to a huge library of knowledge

1. Health Books

We have purchased the resale rights to a bank of Thousands of Books, and we are currently sorting through them all looking for the ones that will bring most value to our members.

At first you will gain access to over 50 health and fitness books. But over time, this library of resources will grow and grow! You will receive a monthly download limit of the content you can download from our store, but as previously discussion.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on all of our Digital Downloads whilst we work through our large collection finding the most valuable books to the British Consumer.

2. Recipe Books

One of the things that we see more people than ever are interested in accessing, is recipe books.

You have asked (before you even knew you were asking!) and we have answered, we have a HUGE number of recipes available.

Herbal Living UK is making over 1’000 recipes available through our membership plans!

3. Professional Training Plans

We currently have a small database of exercise plans that were created by some very qualified and talented individuals.

As an introductory offer, everything that is currently loaded onto our website, is free to download under our membership plans, or offered at an extremely reduced rate to their value.

This is because we were fortunate to purchase source files from extremely talented individuals.

Over time, we will be looking to team up with a wide range of health professionals who will be able to market their training, diet and nutrition plans through our online platform, where a vast majority of the proceeds from the sale will go to support the professionals themselves!

Giving you the opportunity to receive professional coaching all through Herbal Living UK!

Ready to make savings? Click the plan that matches your needs to learn more!

Herbal Living UK – A look into the future

Over time, as our business grows, We will introduce a much wider range of products to our online platform. Right now we see a desperate need to reduce the prices the British People pay for health supplements. Many Retailers have been reaping the benefits of recent events by seeing more people than ever buying their products.

Herbal Living UK believes putting a premium on health. Is unethical.

Which is exactly why we are providing the British People access to some of the highest quality products on the market. For prices much lower than you are currently used to paying. By connection you directly with the British Manufacturers that made them.

Join Herbal Living UK today and Together, We can Build a Healthier Britain!

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