How can you reduce prices so much?

Let’s answer this question with some food for thought:

You’re probably familiar with some high street retailers running sales like buy one get one free, or buy one get one half price? These businesses aren’t making a loss on these products they’re giving away for free. Now think how much profit they make when you pay RRP for products…

For the most part, profit is the driving force of any business. It’s currently a fact of life that business owners have one of three goals in mind. 1. They LOVE what they do. 2. They want to change the world, or 3. Make a lot of profit.

We’re firmly in the first 2 categories.

Sure. Making money is essential for growing a business, but does anyone really NEED to be worth billions of £££? Liam Smith (Herbal Living UK Owner and Director) certainly doesn’t.

Create Jobs, Support British Industries, Create Local Wealth. That’s the driving force of everyone on the Herbal Living UK team.