Do I have to be a member to shop with at Herbal Living UK?

Not at all! A good number of our current customers aren’t members at all.

There are some retailers that offer great discounts on products in the market already. But you have to be a member to shop with them.

We would only really recommend becoming a member if you regularly purchase products in our range already. So if you’re a cruelty free cosmetics fanatic, or a keen shopper of supplements, you will find amazing value with a Herbal Living UK Membership.

We’d recommend trying our service first. If we see you could find value in a membership, one of the team will reach out with the maths showing you how much you can save through Herbal Living UK memberships!

But if you’re not, you can shop with us just like any other online retailer, we don’t mind, your purchase helps us grow the Direct 2 Consumer movement whether you’re a Member or just a Casual Customer!