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Herbal Living UK is proud to be one of the Nations First Direct 2 Consumer Purchasing platforms. By Connecting British People directly to British Manufacturers. We are making British Quality Products, affordable for everyone!

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Direct 2 Consumer Purchasing is about to help British Manufacturers with an estimated boost of over £24billion by 2023, and through Herbal Living UK memberships the growing Direct 2 Consumer movement will pass on amazing savings to you, the end user!

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Make your Own Cosmetics

Enjoy Wholesale rates on Cosmetic Products with Herbal Living UK

Cosmetics can be expensive, cosmetics that are ethical can break the bank.

Herbal Living UK is extremely proud to have partnered with Avena Herbal Products to provide access to some amazing high quality cosmetics, at amazing prices.

We have created some dedicated product bundles, currently available on sale to allow you to stock up on personalised cosmetics for the winter.

Send Personalised Gifts this Christmas

There’s nothing that shows more appreciation than a personalised gift. And with these product bundles, you will be able to send high quality bath products to your friends, without breaking the bank!

For a Fraction of the retail price you can create up to 10 personalised Shampoo, Shower Gel or Massage oil and other cosmetics with our Make your own cosmetics range.

Included with each of these bundles you will receive Free access to aromatherapy books and holistic medicine books. As well as our guide to creating your own bath products.

Say No to Animal Testing

We are proud to say that all our product ranges are completely ethical, and we operate with complete transparency on who our suppliers are to allow you to make an educated decision on your purchase.

Herbal Living UK is making a commitment to make Ethical Purchasing both convenient and cost effective.

Check out our range of “Make your Own Cosmetics” and receive wholesale rates on your purchase.


What is Direct 2 Consumer Purchasing?

Connecting British People, To British Manufacturers

Why do ethical products come with high price tags?

In 2021, the phrases “Ethical” “Sustainable” “High Quality” often come with much higher price tags. Over the years we as consumers have come to associate the fact that if you want good quality products, you have to pay a high price tag.

And it make sense that this would be the case. Better quality products have higher quality ingredients. The cost of renewable and sustainable products is often higher than the cost of cheaply, and often unsustainably, produced raw ingredients.

But what if there was another way?

The cost of manufacturing is reducing!

Year after year we are told that we can produce more product for lower cost. As we move towards more automated processes in manufacturing products, manufacturing the products we use on a regular basis, has become so cost effective we have developed a “throwaway” culture, it can often be cheaper to buy something brand new than repair anything that becomes damaged!

And yet the cost of products keeps increasing, why?

Inflation, you might say. The cost of the raw ingredients is increasing so therefore the cost of the product will naturally increase as well. And you’d be correct. But what about the products that we know come with a higher price tag simply because they come with ethical or sustainable certificates or stamps?

For generations, we have shopped on the high-street, and a physical store was essential to attract business. And we as shoppers all came to know one thing.

“Ethical Sustainable Products, Come with a Higher Price Tag”

The Average Shopper

When a business was based out of a physical store, I think we all know they have bills to pay. Rent, Business Rates, Bills, Wages and other overheads. But gradually over time more businesses than ever have turned to doing business online. In the Pandemic of 2020, the retail sector was a sector that struggled the most due to physical stores being ordered to close.

Order Direct From British Manufactures with Direct 2 Consumer Purchasing

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Ethically Sourced Plant Extracts at Herbal Living UK

Herbal Living UK believes that a vast majority of people, would like to purchase ethical products. Unfortunately this isn’t always easy.

When you shop at Herbal Living UK you can be certain that you are seeing complete transparency on all the products that we stock. Herbal Living UK is making it their mission to connect British People with British Manufacturers.

Giving you peace of mind that your latest purchase was manufactured to British Standards

The Highest Quality Ingredients on the market

A large number of our products, have been manufactured with high quality ingredients, sourced from areas of the world renown for quality.

But when sourcing our suppliers, we conduct an in-depth background research on where the products come from, assuring with our suppliers that the products they create are ethical. From Farming practices to Animal testing, you can be certain you’re making an ethical choice with Herbal Living UK.

Shop now!

Shop with confidence at Herbal Living UK, knowing you are both supporting British Manufacturers. By choosing to purchase products that have never been tested on animals. You are making a bold statement about the ethics behind the cosmetics industry, as well as supporting British Manufacturers whilst you shop!

In-fact, one of our Incense ranges has been employing the same family for generations. Herbal Living UK is proud to be making Ethical Consumption, easy, and affordable. By connecting you directly to High Quality, high standards manufacturers.

Check out our range of Incense, Invite Peace and Harmony into your home in these troubled times