How Herbal Living UK is helping build a Healthier Britain

Over the past few months, the United Kingdom has faced an extremely valuable opportunity the likes of which have not been seen for a generation at least.

We were provided an opportunity to build a country the way we believe it should be built, the concept of “new normal” is incredibly exciting to Herbal Living UK, together we can build a brighter future for our country, and the world!

Right now we face changes to the way we live, work, shop and so many other day to day experiences have been altered due to the novel corona virus epidemic. It is understandable that many people are concerned about the changes that we face as a nation.

Herbal Living UK intends to open the British Public up to an entirely new way of making purchase decisions. Allowing customers to make decisions that are not only best for their health. But also the best for Britain!

Join Herbal Living UK in giving Purchasing Power, back to the community!

Putting the community in the driving seat!

By Joining a Herbal Living UK membership, you are doing so much more than receiving incredibly attractive prices on some extremely high quality products, you are choosing to support British Manufacturers when they need this support the most. And gaining huge benefits in the process!

Over time, as our membership base grows, you will see that the prices you are paying for high quality plant based supplements falls further than you ever thought possible. By introducing the concept of paid memberships Herbal Living UK is able to price the products we stock at significant savings of Recommended Retail Price.

Join our Community Purchasing Memberships to start making significant savings on health products!

Herbal Living UK is Calling on the People of Britain to Unite!

By working together to make purchases directly from Manufacturers, Herbal Living UK will explore other wholesale opportunities of our current nature with additional products.

Joining a Herbal Living UK membership program is so much more than making great savings on quality plant based supplements. It is a vote to changing the way we make purchases as a community. As our business grows, your savings will grow.

3 of our vitamin powerhouse products

So what’s the Herbal Living UK dream?

We have one dream in mind, changing the way the British Taxpayer spends their hard earned cash.

The British People are a hard working people, and we believe your wages should go so much further. By joining Herbal Living UK you will gain access to some extremely high quality products, at heavily discounted rates!

Herbal Living UK is looking to introduce completely new way of purchasing products, this will benefit;

  • You, the consumer – Enjoy significant savings off RRP
  • The Manufacturer – Support British Manufacturers
  • The Environment – Making wholesale purchases reduces carbon emissions

As more people join our monthly membership options, we will be able to entirely focus on 3 things as we grow as a business;

  • Service
  • Savings
  • Jobs

Herbal Living UK intends to change an awful lot when it comes to the standard business model.

Herbal Living UK members will receive unbelievable discounts on high quality plant based supplements, helping people gain access to the products they want. Without spending a fortune.

As we grow into a larger concern, our customers will see complete transparency. Providing knowledge on the actual profits we make on top of your purchase and where that money goes. 

Community Purchasing, providing heavy discounts on the products you love!

Increased savings coming soon!

As a new company, we are looking to build an excellent reputation early on in our existence, that means that we fully intend to reduce the price of our products by at least a further 5% in the coming months, the more members we have, the larger these savings can be.

We will increase the percentage discounts available by a further 5% pushing the potential savings for the small price of £9.99 per month, giving our members 35% off top quality supplements is just the start!

Because Herbal Living UK is in its infancy, there are further opportunities that are simply just out of reach. For more information on what we plan to achieve in the next few months, check out our company timeline.

Top Quality Products

Right now, we are fortunate to have an extremely experienced British Manufacturer on board from day 1, over time we will introduce more and more of the brands you love, for wholesale rates! (For more information on the brand we supply click here)

What this means is with a 30% discount off your order. You will receive Premium quality, backed by experts products, at a price you would expect to pay for generic supplement brands.

Giving you a chance to access High Quality Supplements, for better than Retail Prices.

But in the future we fully intend to add at least one more suppler of generic supplements to our suppliers list. Imagine receiving 35% off your current supplement bill? Where would you spend that money?

To learn more about Specialist Supplements products, Click the Image

The power of Community Consumerism

The consumer has huge power with where you spend your money. The phrase “Vote with your money” has been around for as long as most people remember. Where you put your hard earned cash directly affects the marketplace around you. 

When we go for Mass Produced Purchase options, we are searching for the cheapest deal available to us. Because why wouldn’t we? Cash is often tight and saving money is at the front of most peoples minds!

Herbal Living UK intends to give you access to high quality supplements, for amazing prices!

By joining Herbal Living UK you place your community, firmly in the driving seat!

Herbal Living UK believes they can significantly reduce the costs of top quality, high popularity products. Bringing the cost of quality down to what most people can afford. 

Join the Health Revolution with Herbal Living UK

Supporting British Manufacturers

The United Kingdom boasts some excellent manufacturers, which are often overlooked in return for reducing product costs.

But what if you could order your day to day purchases directly from the factories that manufactured them, for a significant saving off the RRP that you would receive at any high street retailer?

British Manufacturing is about to become a cornerstone of the British Economy.

The more high quality products that we produce here, on British Shores. The greater opportunities we will have to create revenue for our country through our new Import/Export Agreements.

By joining Herbal Living UK you are more than just a customer, you are part of a movement. A movement dedicated to helping the United Kingdom build a new way of purchasing products. 

And a movement to support British Manufacturers as we move forwards as a nation!

Herbal Living UK is proud to support British Manufacturers

Taking the power back for the consumer

By supporting Herbal Living UK, you become part of a group of people who are making large purchases directly from manufacturers. Bypassing the need for the retailer all together. This allows for significant savings for you, the Herbal Living UK member. 

For the most part, we all understand how wholesale works, and most people have heard of the Dropshipping business model. Herbal Living UK will be turning the business model on its head. In a normal Dropshipping business, the margins on top of trade price are saved by the business themselves. With Herbal Living UK, the Margins become the savings.

Dropship Direct from UK manufacturers

Herbal Living UK is looking to introduce a new type of Drop Shipping model.

Where the customer places an order directly with the manufacturers, through an easy to use online platform. Over time we will introduce multiple purchasing methods, all inline with the standard Drop Ship model, but with the savings on unit price being passed onto you.

Introducing Community Buying as a 2 stage process

Stage 1. Discounts

Right now Herbal Living UK is in its infancy. After the past few months of building our online presence we are now ready to begin with our company’s mission.

The first part of the plan is to introduce huge savings on high quality products.

At first there is a strong likelihood that our  products do still seem high priced, and this is true because you are unbelievable quality products that were manufactured here in the UK from quality ingredients important from overseas. If you look beyond first glance, you will see a list of ingredients of excellent quality.

We have chosen to begin with a top quality nutritional supplements manufacturer first for 2 reasons;

  1. The products are becoming incredibly popular
    1. More and more people have become aware of their health recently
    2. Most people could very easily take preventative measures to protect their health and continue with their life as normal.
    3. Plant Based Products are becoming more and more popular but yet the price remains high
  2. Introduce Access to quality products for Retail Prices 
    1. There are a huge range of supplement retailers on the market. Many of them do take advantage of the things I have discussed, by holding large amounts of product it is possible to increase the profits on any retail sale.
    2. Right now we are starting with top quality products and reducing them to what we aim to be below R.R.P for generic supplement products 
    3. This is fully intended to change over time as Herbal Living UK grows, you will see the savings you make grow with us!

Stage 2. Introduce new products

Herbal Living UK really started off life as an idea. That idea is to significantly reduce the costs to the end consumer. 

We have a range of products in mind we are really looking forward to introducing to our service, these include but are by no means limited to;

  1. Generic Sports Supplements
  2. Industrial Hemp Products
  3. Other British Manufactured Products

1. Generic Sports Supplements

As previously discussed, Herbal Living UK has started this movement with an extremely high quality, plant based product. This is mostly because we didn’t want to be testing the business model with multiple manufacturers at once. But we also recognised the need for high potency immunity product at this time. 

You will notice that across the website there are a large number of references to Plant Based Supplements, and this both does mean what you think it does.

But it also means that our products are made from nature themselves. With the highest quality nutrition sources used to build the multiple vitamin complexes that we have on offer.

Vegan Products

Keen observers will notice that the vast majority of our products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. This is primarily due to the fact that plant based products are far superior to animal based products in almost every way. (You don’t get that awful bloating you experience with Whey protein when you choose a Hemp based protein powder!)

But also because we believe that a large movement to using plant based protein powders in particular would make a large impact on the carbon footprint of the United Kingdom.

Herbal Living UK in summary:

Herbal Living UK is looking to build something completely new, where the savings we make as a company on our trade purchases, are passed over to you, the end consumer.

We intend to do this with mostly British Manufacturers, however where there are significant savings to be made from ordering elsewhere in the world, the opportunity will be presented to our members, over time.

Joining Herbal Living UK today is a first step in making positive changes to the UK putting purchasing power, firmly in the British Populations control.